About Us

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Hankø Yacht Club’s clubhouse is designed by architect Wilhelm Swensen, Trondheim, while interior architect Bjørn Ianke, Fredrikstad, has been responsible for colouring and furnishing. The clubhouse was opened for members on the 22nd of June 1957. The clubhouse has been redeveloped several times, resulting in a modern kitchen, n­ew storage room for cold food and beverages, bigger bar and an expanded restroom capacity. The attic of the clubhouse consists of an accommodation room. ‘Naustet’ and ‘Badstuen’ also consists of such accommodation rooms, as well as a regatta office and a storage room. The club’s dock has recently been given a substantial upgrade, and the access deck outside of the clubhouse was ren­ovated and expanded ahead of the 2010 season. In principle only members of the Yacht Club, their spouses and their invited guests, have access to the clubhouse. For yachting events, the board may provide collective invitations for contestants and functionaries as well.

The Club

Hankø Yacht Club was founded and initiated by passionate sailors on the 21st of August 1954. Its purpose is to front international yachting and to protect Hankø as a centre for international yachting. The Club is located at Hankø.



The club’s membership numbers are limited to 200 paying members. The club’s board and a council of four members decide the inclusion of new members. The process requires a submitted application from at least two existing members. The decision to include a new member needs to be unanimous, and the proceedings must be kept secret. 3